• MenphiS.Dx dijo 0  0 Hahaha .. !! acepto oe Ěarchert” este ultimo comentario te dio donde te más duele, otra cosa anda aprende gramática y ortografía porque así como hablas nose como puedes jugar DotA. Es más pudiste acabar el cole???. YaphetS tu sabes que eres el maestro del Never perdona ese wano del “archert” porque no sabe lo que dice .. !! Ok?

  1. Customizing your character doesn’t exactly do much when you don’t actually affect the world or it blows up from a glitch. Plus The Witcher 2 is a different kind of an RPG with a more focused story and combat, Skyrim by it’s nature is unfocused and it tends to ruin a lot of stories because they have quantity over quality.

  2. what the hell is KASS,i have never head of that school before and well Kass or whatever the name of the school is please attacking the famous Aquinas will not add even an iota or the smallest value to your schools image so stop it now and think about how best to improve your school in academics and sports so the name of your school will be head.You must respect the best schools in the capital cuz our efforts are being rewarded now.PRESEC NO SIZE .And big ups to all ye Accra schools for making the top ten list

  3. We should apprise on what we have done well and earned. Work on the area that is apparently weak, such as certain Justice and Equality to our people and for our people. A country is difficult to build but easy to destroy, once the piller is removed everything destroy. Renovation is the solution to make a better tomorrow.

  4. Hoi Saskia,Wat een mooie woorden over mijn blogje en mijn kaarten. Dank je wel voor de award. Eigenlijk geldt voor mij precies hetzelfde want ik vind ook op jouw blog weer mijn inspiratie. Zo nemen we van elkaar ideetjes over. Groetjes van Kim

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